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1916 Simmons Band By: Gretchen Cobble

This week The Brand is celebrating its 105th anniversary, with an article from the very first Simmons Brand published on Oct. 13, 1916. This also happened to be Friday the 13th. Who knows if this was planned or just a coincidence.

Everyone knows and loves the famous Cowboy Band, but as we look back over 100 years ago, we celebrate the same traditions under a different name: the Simmons Band. This first article of The Brand includes a column titled “Band Starts Things Going,” documenting the beginnings of its largely organized personnel and instrumentation. The director of the Simmons band in 1916 was Jesse Rogers. The column announced the exciting event of the Simmons Band performing with the Abilene Concert Band at the Fair Grounds. The column concludes with news of a concert to be planned and “given at an early date.”


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