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2021 Golf Season By: Noah Rubel

One could argue that one of the longest and most frustrating sports is also supposed to be the most relaxing. Of course, this sport involves 18 holes and maybe a few broken clubs along the way. But, golf can be one of the most gratifying sports to play as well, which is what the Hardin-Simmons University golf team is hoping for.

Even though college golf is played during both semesters, the spring season is definitely the most eventful. This fact is mostly due to the conference tournament and national championship which are scheduled during the spring semester. One player in particular was asked about how he thought the team and the season were doing so far.

Jonathan Hester is a sophomore accounting major from Decatur. Jonathan’s average scoring per round from the previous season was 76, an impressive number for a true second-year player. This season so far has held many joys for the team, Hester concluded.

“One of my favorite highlights from this season has been the past semester,” Hester said. “We have had a successful season so far with two wins.”

Hester also stated, "trending towards conference, we just need to work on eliminating mistakes as the season comes to an end.” When asked how he benefits the team the most, Hester said that, “his self-discipline is a major factor that drives his role in the team’s success.”

As the season gets closer and closer to the national championship tournament, the Cowboys golf team has one regular tournament left in mid-April. This is the last regular competition before conference where the team is hopeful to play well and even move forward to the biggest tournament held by the NCAA at Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.


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