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BSM Women's Gathering by: Abbey Pardue

Women’s Gathering was held Jan. 30 by the Hardin-Simmons University Baptist Student Ministry.

During this time, many of the ladies around campus gathered together to discuss Valentine’s Day and how faith in Jesus affects our relationships. 

Participants in the event were greeted by women of HSU staff and have fun mingling, eating strawberry muffins and making valentines. Landri Bayless, the campus missionary intern for Hardin-Simmons, then delivered a message for both single and dating women.

While each of the women in the room were at different stages in their lives and relationships, the message was universal: pursue relationships that guide you closer to Christ. Some of the things the women were asked to ponder and recognize are what characteristics they should look for in a man, the importance of pursuing Godly relationships and how their relationships should look different from those that do not have Christ at the center. 

Something I took away from this gathering was that in all seasons, we are called to pursue Christ first. If you are sitting in a stagnant season of singleness, pursue Christ. If you are in a happy, healthy marriage, pursue Christ. If you are in the awkward “talking” stage with someone, pursue Christ. Further, rejoice in all of these circumstances. Having a significant other is great, but so is pursuing Christ as a single person. Further, being single can keep us comfortable, but diving into a relationship Christ calls to you too can be your biggest blessing.

Whatever season God places you in is the one you are meant to be in. During the Valentine season, many people become distressed that they do not have a partner, while others may be worried about creating a perfect expression of love for their significant other. Either way, if Christ is not reflected in your relationship or your singleness, there is no fulfillment of life. Our one true love should be Christ. This American tradition is a great reminder to spend time expressing our love to Christ and communicate our gratitude for all of the seasons. 


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