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Cheap Ideas for Spring Break Fun

By Skylar Bell Brenner, Entertainment Editor

Many Hardin-Simmons University students look forward to a time of rest and fun during spring break, as the spring semester tends to be overwhelming and seemingly longer than the fall semester. However, most college students are not financially stable (and if they are, they certainly are not rich). This often limits the options for many college students.

For many college students, spring break is a great time to go home and spend time with old friends and family. This can be a very affordable and relaxing way to spend your time off.

“I would suggest you go home and soak up time with your family. It's free, they pay for your expenses, they give you free food and you can pet your dog,” said Abby Bearden, a junior at HSU.

For some students whose hometowns are not as close by, going home is not always a great option. Many students choose to stay on campus during the week, but still want a fun, cheap way to enjoy their week off from the obligations of university life. When resources are limited, students may have to get creative to still make the most of their much-anticipated reprieve from classes and activities.

“I know a lot of college students will stay in an Airbnb because it’s a lot cheaper than a hotel. You could go to Corpus Christi or somewhere else in Texas and stay in an Airbnb for a night for a pretty cheap cost,” said Kacey Hasley, a sophomore at HSU.

Students can also make a day trip and explore a new city or town with friends if they want to do something simple, affordable, but still different than staying home the entire break.

“You can always drive to the Dallas Fort Worth area and explore the city. It wouldn’t be too expensive to stay for just a night or just make it a day trip,” said Paris Rock.

Spring break is a time to rejuvenate college students and give them a time of rest, so they are able to finish the spring semester strong. It is possible to still have a memorable week off without having to spend a lot of money.

If travel is not an option, students can always take time during the week to explore the city of Abilene, as there are always events going on in the community. It could even be a time to learn a new hobby or skill. Whatever it is, students should take time to enjoy their time off as much as possible.


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