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Column: Karson’s Fashion Show By: Marissa Lacefield

The weekend of Oct. 2, Karson’s Boutique had their second annual fashion show. It was hosted at the Paramount Theater in downtown Abilene, and showcased their new trending outfits for the fall season.

The owner, Karson Tutt, is a graduate of ACU class of 2021, and has started a successful business over the past few years. After the success of her first fashion show in fall of 2021, she decided to make it an annual event to help sell new products.

The show consisted of many trending outfits women are showcasing around the country. The one trend I think is the cutest during fall is the outfit layering. This has been a must for the fashion conscious for a little over two years now, starting during COVID-19 when people were matching their outfits to their masks.

Layered and more complex outfits are still trending this upcoming fall. Karson’s Fashion Show showcased a new white cropped turtleneck that could go above or below any top, and really bring an outfit to life. Another article of clothing that really caught my eye was the oatmeal sweater vest.

As many trends are beginning to portray what I like to call “grandpa” vibes, young women across the globe are bringing back sweater vests in new and inventive ways. Along with layering a turtleneck, a pair of Karson’s new boyfriend straight jeans and some tan booties can turn out to be a very trendy outfit.

Not only has Karson’s worked hard to bring products that women love in this new season, but they have been very fun and creative in their way of presenting their new clothing line. The fashion show had fun halloween designs, concessions, hard working and kind employees and they even encouraged people to wear halloween costumes.

Also, no night could be complete without a dance party, which Tutt herself encouraged everyone to stay for after the show. You can see the massive dedication to the community within Karson’s boutique, and that is what gives it the utmost charm. If there was one place I would urge every visitor or local of Abilene to visit, it would have to be Karson’s.


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