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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Kelly Pigott By: Marissa Lacefield

Dr. Kelly Pigott, Cook-Derrick professor of Church History, has been a member of the Hardin-Simmons University faculty 2007 and this is his second year teaching New Testament Bible classes as a historian.

Although students admit his approach to teaching this class is not what they are accustomed to in other Bible courses, many speak his praises as they walk away from each class feeling more knowledgeable than when they walked in. His approach as a historian and as a man of the church makes his classes much more fun and interesting, stretching the minds of his students and leading to some important breakthroughs within the context of individual faith.

Dr. Pigott is from Lafayette, La., and grew up in the Catholic Church. He says that when he took his first church history seminar, he was enthralled with the saints of the past and enjoyed learning about the cultures during which our beloved Bible was written.

When asked about why he became a professor, he admitted, “I’m a nerd. I love learning, reading, writing and sharing what I’ve gleaned with others.” His passion as a student eventually led him to become an amazing educator.

Dr. Pigott also shared that after his wife, Dr. Susan Pigott, professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, was hired by Hardin-Simmons as the first female Bible professor,he was able to make connections with HSU leaders, and became its chaplain. This allowed him to work at the Logsdon School of Theology, where he eventually landed a full-time position as a New Testament Bible professor. Since then, he has learned many lessons about God and what it looks like to learn alongside the students he teaches.

“Irenaeus is famous for saying, ‘The glory of God is a human fully alive.’ I challenge my students to find that thing that makes them come alive,” Dr. Pigott said. “I guess the practical lesson I've learned from working here is that, as with any workplace, things will sidetrack you from that which makes you feel fully alive. You have to be diligent to protect your passion so that you don't lose the joy.”

His passion for his faith, the faith of his students and the sharing of truth about the authors of the Bible, has led him to become one of the most beloved teachers on campus. He leads by example every day with his inquisitive attitude and kind spirit, pushing students to better themselves and deepen their faith.


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