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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Laura Pogue

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

By: Gretchen Cobble

This week’s Faculty Spotlight had the privilege of landing on the one and only, dazzling and inspiring former HSU Brand staff writer, Dr. Laura Pogue.

Dr. Pogue serves as an associate professor of English and the W.D. & Hollis R. Bond Endowed Chair of English at Hardin-Simmons University.

Dr. Pogue received her Bachelor of Arts in English as well as her Master of Arts in English at Hardin-Simmons University between 1983-1987. In 2000, she received her Ph.D. in English at Baylor University. Dr. Pogue has been a part of the Hardin-Simmons faculty family for over 27 years.

“In the summer of 1993, the chair of English at HSU called to see if I would be interested in teaching for HSU while two professors were away on sabbatical,” Dr. Pogue said. “One of those professors enjoyed her time away so much she decided not to return to teaching and HSU hired me full-time.”

When asked what her favorite thing about HSU is, she replied about how the faith and learning go hand in hand. “Learning acknowledges the reality of God and the reality of Jesus fuels my work.” According to Dr. Pogue, when one recognizes the other (learning and faith), the results change lives. “HSU’s faculty dedicate themselves to this kind of education, and I love these people and sharing in their calling,” Dr. Pogue said.

Although Dr. Pogue works in the English Department, a mathematical equation of sorts is how she chooses to explain which things she holds dearest in her heart. “Scripture plus talking to God equals life.” She explains how she used to believe that once you were faithfully mature, maybe you did not need to continue reading scripture or praying as much. However, in Dr. Pogue’s experience, it is actually the exact opposite.

“As I age, learning through scripture and prayer deepens, grows and repeats. I literally cannot do life without feeding on scripture and talking to God,” Dr. Pogue said. “And here’s a weird add on: the older I get, the more feeding time I need.”

Dr. Pogue loves to hang out with her husband and kids in Tuscola, as she says they have the best discussions and share so much laughter! Furthermore, in her free time you can find Dr. Pogue either reading until the words on the page fade to blur, singing really loudly in her car, scouring junk stores for projects, enjoying fellowship with her church family or binge-watching documentaries (NOT the serial killer ones).


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