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On March 25, Hardin-Simmons University commenced the activities of its 6th annual International Week. The first event was the International Football (Soccer) tournament at the Fletcher Fitness Center. The teams that played were Team Rwanda, Team China, Team Germany and Team Brazil. Team Rwanda emerged as the winner of the tournament.

The second event was World of Wonder (W.O.W), which took place on the evening of March 27 and was held in the O’Brien Room, at the Conally Missions Center. At W.O.W., international students put on performances for the audience, showcasing their cultures through dance, song, and cultural attire modeling. Snacks were provided, and a vibrant playlist of music from different countries was played in the background after the talent show.

March 28 was the international chapel at Behrens Auditorium. This began at 9:30 a.m. with international students waving their flags down to the stage as the names of their countries were called. Worship songs were sung in various other languages, the intent of the week was shared, and a sermon was given.

The International Buffet in the cafeteria was served during lunch on March 29, while the Taste of the World event took place on March 30 in the foyer and multipurpose room of the Johnson Building. At Taste of the World, international students dressed in their cultural attires and cooked various food items from their cultures for other students and staff to taste and experience. At the end of the night, the audience had the opportunity to vote for the best food they tried, and the best cultural attire worn, and Nigeria received the award for both categories.

To wrap up the week, the International Student Fellowship hosted a night of worship on March 31, in Woodward Dellis. It was an amazing worship night to end a successful week.

International week gives the University an opportunity to learn from and appreciate other cultures around the world. It shows HSU’s passion for inclusivity and diversity, and is a great way to show God’s love through community.


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