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Is the Library Really the Best Place to Study for Finals?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

By: Victoria Roach

With the end of the semester rapidly approaching, students are scoping out their favorite place to call their “study” home during finals week.

Of course, the Richardson Library seems like an obvious choice for HSU students based on the convenience in location and open hours during finals week. However, there are various other places in Abilene that may make a close secondary options to study.

Morgan Schaeffer, a sophomore from Granbury, said that her favorite place to study in Abilene is Mezamiz Coffee House. When she has to work on homework for her exercise science major, Mezamiz is the perfect place. “It has tons of great food to keep you energized and it is as close to homemade food in town that you can get,” Schaeffer said. “I love the coffee and the atmosphere there and I think that it’s a great place to study either with a group or by yourself.”

Mitchell Wolf, a senior at HSU all the way from Battle Creek, Michigan, is a political science major. He said that some of his favorite places to study in town are Front Porch Coffee Co. & Bakery and Monks Coffee Shop. But, if you’re looking for someplace on campus, he also suggests the Skiles or Johnson Buildings. “If I really need to get some studying done, I will go to the Skiles Building to use one of the conference rooms and get to use the conference table and the massive whiteboards that could be easily filled up if you go to the library.”

When you are looking for somewhere to get studying done for finals, I highly suggest getting away from your comfort zone of the library and finding somewhere you can get in the zone. In the end, the most important thing that matters is the material that you are studying, not the type of coffee you are drinking.


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