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My Easter Traditions By: Abbey Pardue

With Easter right around the corner, I have found myself reminiscing on what my Easters looked like as a kid. Things look a little different this year, with me being in college and my sister being engaged, so while Easter may not look the same, I am still so excited to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ in the upcoming weeks.

As a kid, Easter was full of candy and fun festivities. Until I was eight years old, I lived in Southeast Texas. We would spend the day going to church, having lunch with family, and participating in egg hunts on the bayou. I remember one specific easter at our house in Port Neches where we dyed eggs, watched movies and made a complete mess while having so much fun.

When I got older and moved to Lubbock, the holiday was full of church friends and fun. Without any extended family near us, we would spend Good Friday at the house watching movies, doing yard work and eating good food. The following Saturday, we would attend our church’s annual egg hunt where children and students would get a little too competitive and overly excited for all the sugar hiding within the eggs.

We would then attend Sunday service where my dad would preach about the resurrection and we would take a massive amount of family pictures. When we would get home from the service, we normally had a yummy roast cooking in the oven. After lunch, we had gift time. In my early years, my sister and I would get unholy amounts of Easter candy in our baskets, but as we got older, our parents gave us whatever we were into at that age.

I believe the most meaningful Easter I have had was last year, when I watched Passion of the Christ for the first time. It was Good Friday and I was reaching the end of my senior year of high school. Watching the movie broke my heart while also moving me to trust God and his plans for my life. I remember the absolute horror that filled my mind while watching an actor get slashed with whips. I also remember the hope that filled my heart when Christ came back and it made it seem like all was complete.

This Easter, I pray that Christ’s sacrifice is not only remembered through bunnies, eggs and candy, but more so through trusting Him and having hope for the future. I believe the mindset of Easter should be carried through the entire year. This year, I strive to have a true mindset of Easter and willingness to dive into the true meaning of His sacrifice.


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