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Student Opinion: Why Do We Fear Feminism?

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

By Lucila Decia, Video Editor

I cannot count the times I have heard the phrase, “Not to be a feminist or anything, but I think men and women should have equal rights,” come from young girls. The perception of the concept of feminism has changed so much that women consider branding themselves like so to be socially hazardous. Nevertheless, women still show support and thankfulness for the accomplishments of past feminist activists.

I keep hearing people talk about sexism and male privilege still being a reality but labelling oneself may sound scary in a world where everything you stand for may be used against you and your reputation. But is labelling oneself as threatening as choosing to stay away from the problematics we still encounter nowadays?

Why has our perception changed so much? Ever since I decided to express my thoughts on feminism, some people told me to stop being such a “man-hater.” In middle school, I was taught how to take care of my baby dolls while boys got to play basketball. In high school, I learned to stay quiet because if not I would look like an annoying moron. In college, I decided to confront and slap society right in the face by challenging what I have been taking for granted my whole life. I encourage you to do the same.

I can still perceive problematics that feminism has tried and is trying to eradicate. Girls still try to live up to the stereotypical beauty standards displayed in a concerning rise of dangerous social media content. Women compete against each other instead of helping each other. Both men and women blame the victim on rape cases; for some people, the crime may be even justified because of some factors like drinking too much or the way of dressing. This awful and outrageous reality will never cease to chase us unless we recognize them as the root of the problem and we fight for a righteous, judgement-free community.

Still, there has been an upgrowing collective of young women activists who are taking bigger steps everyday towards a change. Social media is being utilized for this purpose as well and I consider the main platforms a great educational tool if used correctly. Once we truly understand the history and concept of feminism and how it changed lives of women all around the world, then our voices will be heard louder than ever.

I want us women to encourage men allies to participate in our fight with small but confident steps. I want to see us women having each other’s back instead of staring with suspicious, judgmental and frivolous eyes. I want us women to go screaming to governments, parliaments, courts, congresses and the media that we are not the weaker sex. I want to see us women making history one more time.


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