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Track Season By: Noah Rubel

Running is not the most fun event to participate in for many people, and doing so willingly is not something many people do regularly.

But, despite this, many talented athletes put on their spikes and run around on an oval-shaped track to see who is the fastest. Enough with the running jokes. Regardless of your knowledge or interest in competitive running, you might be interested to know that there are a lot of track athletes who are still “sprinting” towards a place in the championship track meets at the end of this season.

One of these athletes is a freshman English major from Red Oak. Zorian Burley, many know him as “Z”, is one of those talented runners who has high expectations for the remainder of the season. Burley runs the 400-meter hurdles and also runs some sprint events like the 200-meter dash. His outlook on the season is very promising and he believes that the team is working successfully towards conference.

“We are setting ourselves up to win a conference championship,” Burley said. “We just need to stay healthy and keep pushing and the sky’s the limit.”

Even though track is a sport where team mentality and work ethic are not as important as other actual team sports, it does not mean that every runner still does not have to try their best. Every runner benefits the team differently as an individual. When asked how Burley believes he benefits the Cowboys track team the most, he stated “I benefit the team by working hard every day and perfecting my craft.”

There are two more meets left until the ASC, or conference championship, and then two more last chance meets until the NCAA national championships in Greensboro, N.C.. The Hardin-Simmons University track team still has some time for some last-minute sprints to achieve their goal of winning the conference championship and eventually competing in nationals. The rest of this season will definitely be worth the extra strides to watch.


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