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Valentine's Day is More Than Just a Day for Couples By: Victoria Roach

Valentine’s Day is more than just a Hallmark card holiday. This special day is a special time that we get the opportunity to celebrate the people we love.

Valentine’s Day can mean different things to different people and it is not just for couples either. Some people might get together and spend the day watching movies, and some might take the time to appreciate themselves. We all do a lot of hard work throughout the year and Valentine’s Day is a day for honoring our individual efforts and for love. That could mean self-love, friend love or family love.

For people not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day this year, try seeing or talking to an old friend. You could show love to those who need it most by giving your time at the animal shelter or local volunteer center. Show love to others you do not know by paying for the person behind you in a drive through line. Call a family member and tell them how much you care for them. Tell your professors you appreciate all that they do for you. If you want to celebrate early, you could make signs together with friends and cheer on the football team the day before at the Homecoming game. Show the Cowboys some love and support.

For couples on Valentine’s Day that do not like the traditional Valentine’s Day activities, they could try something new together like building a paper airplane and have a competition on whose can go further. You could check out the Prairie Dogs in Rosebud Park. If you are trying to stay on campus, you can go to the pond to show some love to the ducks and Gilbert together. Take your significant other to church with you and you can share your love for worship together since this year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. If none of these suggestions catch your eye, there are plenty of ideas on the Internet worth checking out.

The point is that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in countless ways. . You do not have to celebrate with the traditional flowers, cheesy movies and chocolate. Take this special holiday as a chance to show your love the way that you want to express it.


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