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What does the spring semester have in store for students? By: Noah Rubel

As everyone returns for the spring semester, many students may wonder if the University will have anything new to offer in terms of events or student activities. Rest assured there are many events planned and activities to attend for the upcoming semester.

A large portion of students who are returning this semester after attending the University last year may have concerns for the spring since last year sent the school year for a spin. Clubs, organizations, sports teams and students all missed out on planned events, activities and an overall college experience due to covid.

Thankfully, if all goes to plan, there are many events planned for the upcoming semester. Some major organizations like Student Life, Greek Life and the Student Government Association (SGA) already have big things planned.

Obviously one of the best things to look forward to this semester is all of the sports we missed out on because of the pandemic. Football, basketball, baseball, track and soccer are just a few traditional events that will be competing this semester. A sports season would not be complete if there was not a homecoming week full of events. From Feb. 8 through Feb. 15 there will be events and activities everyday.

Some other organizations like Proven, African Student Association and Voices of Praise will be holding events in February for Black History Month. The International Student Fellowship will also be hosting events like the extremely successful “tastes around the world” event held last year before the pandemic.

These are just a few examples of what this semester has in store. There are many events in the workings that have yet to be announced. Some events will be hosted by an individual organization, but often HSU organizations partner to provide special events for students to enjoy throughout the semester.

So if you were worried that there would be nothing to do on campus this semester because of the pandemic, do not fear. There are many exciting events coming soon that will be fun, interesting and safe.


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