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A Review of “Blithe Spirit” By: Haleigh Smith

The recent production of Blithe Spirit put on by our very own Hardin-Simmons University Theater Department was anything but boring.

I was taken by each performer and their ability to capture their character’s personality. There were so many things about this play that I loved: the costumes, the script, the set design, the lighting and much more.

The medium was by far my favorite character. I am glad they made her seem almost like a joke and in doing so, made the play seem more like a comedy. She even ends up being the hero in the end. Shout-out to Bethany Soder, a senior theatre major from Hale Center, for totally selling hwe part, you were awesome.

Madam Abcati was the comic relief throughout the play and provided a good laugh to the audience. Edith had the most shocking part in the play when--plot twist--she was the one who had called back Elvira and Ruth. That, to me, was unexpected because she played the role of a sweet young innocent girl.

I also noticed the deepest character development with Elvira. When she first appeared, she was very snappy and arrogant and definitely had a goal in mind. She highly disliked Ruth and wanted to have as much time alone with Charles as possible. She soon becomes upset and impatient when things were not going her way resulting rin her defeat when her plans were spoiled.

I thought it was funny that, even though Elvira eventually kills Ruth, the two started getting along with each other on the other side. Elvira's whole attitude changed towards Ruth at the end. I am not sure if she had a change of heart or if she realized her plan did not work so she is carefree and indifferent about her.

Overall the play was a must-see and I am so proud of the HSU Theatre Department for putting on a beautiful performance of Blithe Spirit.


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