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Fresh Starts on Campus 2021 By: Sydney Graff

As students are getting back into the swing of things on campus, there is a sense of hope about 2021 being a fresh start from the chaos of 2020. A few students have shared their thoughts and perspectives about the current semester while encouraging others to find joy in this season.

“A new year is like a breath of fresh air. I can’t wait to see the exciting things the Lord is going to do for everyone,” said Keziah Chacko, who is a sophomore at HSU. Chacko is from Keller, Texas and is majoring in social work and psychology.

Raegan White, from Fort Worth, Texas, is a sophomore majoring in theatre stage management. “Even though things haven’t changed too much since last December, I think having the mentality of a new year has challenged me to set better goals and I’m excited to see where they lead me,” White said.

“After a year of the COVID-19 virus under our belts, a new year gives a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel,” Karson Gopffarth said. Gopffarth is from Keller, Texas, and is a junior biology major.

Makenna Houston is from Sunray, Texas, and is also a junior studying biology. Compared to last semester where a multitude of events had to be canceled because of the virus, this semester is looking up.

“We’re coming in with a lot more experience and adaptability that we can put to good use,” Houston said. “There are a lot more opportunities to come together and unite as a campus.”

Jenni Harwood, a junior studying psychology, is from Midland, Texas. Harwood wraps up previously shared perspectives along with her own authentically and effectively. Her thoughts began with the first snowfall of the semester and its symbolic worth.

“The new year was welcomed with a layer of fresh snow. I can’t think of a better way to describe the change. This semester we begin with a clean slate, like fresh snow waiting for footprints and snow angels,” Harwood said. “I’m excited to see how my tracks will look and where they will go. I plan on defining my days not by all the inevitable ugliness that will come, but by the goodness of grace I am sure to experience. 2021 has mountains of snow waiting to be climbed; I’m excited to make that trek and see what lies at the top.”


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