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Got the Homesick Blues? Here’s What To Do

Whether your family lives 30 minutes away or a 13-hour flight away, homesickness is something many college students have to work through..

Homesickness can be something that makes just certain days tough while for other students it can last much longer. Just like other illnesses, it is important to catch homesickness quick so that it will not ruin weeks or even months of your college experience.

One way that Anna Ganus, a sophomore art photography major, whose family lives internationally, avoids being homesick is by making sure to call her family at least once a day. She emphasized that even just a quick call to say “I love you” and tell about their days really has helped her find a home away from home here in Abilene. Chase Buchanan, a senior biology and business administration from Weatherford, also says that staying in touch with those back home is important. “Whether it’s video games with friends or calling my parents once or twice a week, communication is important,” Buchanan said.

Communication is just one way to fight homesickness. Sydney Graff, a sophomore nursing major from Plano, said that she found it important to get involved on campus. Many students agree that it is important to get plugged in on campus to avoid or at least lessen homesickness.

Joining clubs or teams will provide you with families while you are away from your real family. It is also important to know that it is okay missing your family, but it’s important that you handle your homesickness in a constructive way. Rather than deciding to go and sit in your room feeling lonely, reach out to family and talk to them on the phone.

It is also important to remember that you have friends that are most likely going through the same thing as you so do not be afraid to reach out to them. When dealing with homesickness, remember that you aren’t alone. Do not be afraid to reach out and call a loved one and at the same time find your niche here at HSU.


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