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HSU Homecoming for Former Brand Editor Lynn Taylor By: Emily Williamson

Hardin-Simmons University’s 2022 Homecoming weekend was a busy one for all, with groups hosting events across campus from Oct. 13 through Oct. 16. The HSU Brand staff had the honor of hosting HSU alum Lynn Taylor for a book signing event on Friday, Oct. 14. Taylor served as Editor of The HSU Brand for the school year 1967-1968.

Taylor was excited to come back to HSU, particularly to meet the current Brand staff and speak about his book: I Wish I Thought of That Before. I Wish I Thought of That Before is Taylor’s testimony about his struggles with mental health issues throughout his life. He had the opportunity to speak to peers, students, and the Brand staff about the process of writing and the significance that writing has had in his life. His passion for the written word started before his time on staff, but the Brand became a creative and therapeutic outlet for him to pursue his literary interests.

Taylor brought copies of his book along with a bound copy of all of the publications during his time as editor of the HSU Brand. His insight on college, pursuing passions, and overcoming mental roadblocks was inspirational and an encouragement for attendees.

I had the opportunity to meet him as the current editor of The Brand. Although my experience as editor looks a little different because of our transition to being online, Taylor and I had the chance to talk about the fun parts of the job and the opportunities to encourage creative expression and the pursuit of truth for staff writers.

If you were unable to make it to the book signing, you can still order a copy of Taylor’s book online through distributors like Amazon and Books-a-Million. We are grateful for Taylor’s willingness to share his story and all of the effort that he put in years ago that makes it possible for us to continue publishing editions of the HSU Brand today.


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