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HSU Mental Health & Counseling Services By: Gretchen Cobble

What is counseling? How do I know if I need it? Where is it? How much is it going to cost? These are just a few of the questions our Hardin-Simmons University Counselors receive and are more than happy to answer.

When life gets heavy and hectic at times, it is important to maintain a healthy mindset and there is nothing wrong with receiving some guidance or help. Counseling is a way to help people as they face difficult life transitions, circumstances or painful emotions according to the Student Counseling FAQ at If you ever feel stuck or at a rough patch emotionally, socially or academically, it may be beneficial to make an appointment with the on-campus counseling center.

All HSU students are eligible for the counseling center and all services it offers such as individual counseling, scheduled groups and workshops, etc. Even better news, the counseling services are available at no cost for HSU students. HSU Student Counseling is a safe space seeking to promote holistic wellness. All visits and files are kept confidential and kept completely separate from your academic record.

Britni Starr, a junior communications major from Abilene, has many thoughts on HSU counseling services and the importance of mental health spiritually.

“I think the biggest fallacy one can believe facing any mental battle or illness is either ‘I can handle it alone’ or ‘it’s not that big of a deal.’ These fallacies can result in isolation where fear, anxiety and depression manifest,” Starr said.

Our counseling services are available to you, so you do not have to walk alone. The downward spiral can be broken.

All counseling offices and sessions are held in the Cowden-Paxton Building directly behind the Mabee Physician Assistant Program (next to Abilene Hall). Students often find the location beneficial as it is inconspicuously located near the outskirts of campus. Students have the option of in-person counseling sessions or remote sessions via HIPAA-compliant Zoom platforms.

Located on their page here are some general tips and resources at your fingertips 24/7 regarding mental health, anxiety, stress, support groups, crisis services, as well as additional information and FAQs.

If you are interested in beginning counseling whether one-time or continual, you can contact them at or call 325-671-2272.


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