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HSU Students’ Favorite Girl Scout Cookies By: Abbey Pardue

Girl Scout Cookie season is in full swing and students have been grabbing boxes every chance they get. However, when a Scout walks up to you with her wagon full of boxes, which one will you choose?

I sent a poll to a few students here at Hardin-Simmons University asking what their favorite type of Girl Scout cookie is. This season, there are 13 different flavors, ranging from the classic Lemonades and Peanut Butter Patties all the way to the new Raspberry Rallies.

The most popular type of Girl Scout cookie from this survey was Thin Mints, single handedly winning an entire half of the vote. Allie Ziegler, a junior exercise science major from Lubbock, said Thin Mint cookies are her favorite, “because they’re the only kind of girl scout cookie I have ever eaten.” She went on to say Thin Mints are the only Girl Scout cookie she will ever need to eat, “Cause nothing can beat a good ‘ole classic Thin Mint.” Beth Ferguson, a senior social work major from Spur, also loves Thin Mints because she simply loves all things with mint and chocolate.

In second place, Caramel Delites held a third of the vote, leaving all other cookies in the dust.! Jacob Woodward, a freshman business major from Aledo, is a big fan of Caramel Delites, simply stating, “It tastes good.” Perhaps the biggest fan of Caramel Delites on our campus is Emma Owens, a freshman biology major from Austin.

Bringing up the rear in third place is Lemonades. These cookies won over the heart of Naiya Taylor, a junior accounting and finance major from Mansfield. “I like to dip them in milk because it brings out the flavor,” Taylor said.

Get your $5 bills ready so that when the wagons come by, you are prepared to find a new favorite.


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