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Keeping the Christmas Tree Up for Months? By: Annabelle Smallwood

The Christmas season is finally here and most people already have their Christmas trees and decor set up. Even though it is now closer to Christmas, it seems as if the debate about when to set up a Christmas tree is ongoing.

This is a debate that I have always heard comments about, but this year it seemed to come up in conversation earlier than usual. Many people were complaining that some were setting up their Christmas tree immediately following Halloween. I assume that the reason for this debate being more vocalized is because the side of this debate that wants to put up their Christmas tree early is being more vocal, posting their Christmas tree photos online as early as they can.

With the difficult year that is slowly coming to an end, people are looking for anything to bring them joy--even a holiday decoration. Many have been looking forward to the end of the year since this year began and being able to put up their Christmas decorations is an achievement.

On the flip side, many have dreaded putting up Christmas decorations because it is not a source of joy, but of inconvenience. At work, I heard someone tell me that he believes the Christmas decorations should go up on Christmas Eve and come down the day after Christmas. Some do not take it this far, as they believe that putting up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving is completely ignoring the Thanksgiving holiday altogether. Personally, I believe that we can celebrate Thanksgiving while also having a Christmas tree up.

Either way, everyone is looking for something that they can do to bring them joy during the stress that has been lingering for a while now. If having Christmas decorations up for a couple of months brings someone joy, I do not see why anyone should be scornful about it.

If someone you know has already had their Christmas tree up for a month now, it probably brings them joy. It is important to find joy in the little things and being angry at others for doing something that brings them joy is limiting their potentially joyful experience. This year, especially, is a time to be more gracious to all.


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