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Making The Most of Quarantine

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

By: Aubrey Blay

Across campus, there is a fear that is being shared among all students this year that no one could have imagined only a few months ago – the fear of being quarantined.

Being isolated in a room for two weeks can produce many real concerns in students’ minds. “What if I get behind in my classes? What if I miss out on student activities? What if I become bored?” Although these fears are real, there are ways to view quarantine in a more positive light.

Many HSU students have been quarantined in the last few weeks and months. One is Kaylie Inman. As a junior and president of Delta Women’s Social Club, Inman explained that the one thing that has gotten her through the struggles of quarantine was making sure she kept herself busy with homework. This helped her feel as if she was not falling behind, and it gave her something positive on which to focus.

Inman also mentioned that FaceTiming friends was another source of help. Although it may be easy to feel down during those many hours alone, we are lucky to live in a time that makes it so easy to communicate with our family and friends without having to break quarantine.

The quarantine experience is also a great time to adopt new habits and hobbies or simply spend more time doing the things you already love to do. Kaitlyn Callaway, one of our track athletes, was also put into quarantine after COVID-19 exposure. Kaitlyn used her time in quarantine doing things she loves, such as working out and playing with her dog.

Throughout this crazy time of life, it is extremely important that we are continuing to do the things we love and that we are keeping ourselves healthy, even when we are stuck inside. After hearing about the experiences that Inman and Callaway had in quarantine, it was evident that quarantine was actually a great time of rest and recharging. It was not something that they needed to fear.

Below is a list of great suggestions on what to do if you happen to end up in quarantine:

1. Pick up a new hobby. Baking, crafting of some sort, or maybe something outside like starting a little garden, are all great places to start.

2. Solve a puzzle. Puzzles are a great way to keep your brain active, and it is simple enough for you to do from the comfort of your own room.

3. Clean. We all know that in college, it is easy to get very behind on cleaning. These two weeks would be a great time to clean out your closet or to do a deep clean.

4. Read. In college, we do not always have time to read what we really want to read. Find a book that seems interesting to you, knowing that you do not have to follow it up with an essay.

5. Call, FaceTime or Zoom friends. We all still need a social life, even in quarantine.

These are just a few things that one can do while isolated, but there is so much more.This can also be a great time to get creative. There are plenty of things to do that will help keep you sane during these trying times. Most importantly, remember to stay connected, keep your mind active, keep up with school-work and take care of yourself.

Stay safe-wear a mask-and go Cowboys.


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