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One of the coldest months in Abilene By: Noah Rubel

If you have noticed the intense weather lately, it may seem like we have all been teleported somewhere a bit farther north.

February has always been one of the colder months for a lot of Texas, especially for the northern regions of the state. But, this February has stood out for a few reasons.

A lot of people may not know this, but the Arctic tundra that seemed to have moved to the Big Country does not even have the lowest temperature on record for February in Abilene. According to, the lowest temperature recorded for the area was 7.1 degrees below zero on Feb. 2, 1985. Although the temperatures have yet to get that low, we did get into the negative temperatures on Monday, Feb. 8. On that day TheWeatherChannel recorded a low of minus 1.

But, there still may be hope for all of those who wanted to see a new record set. According to the Abilene Reporter News, “On average there are two days in February when the temperature stays below freezing all day. In the worst February there were four days when the temperature did not make it above freezing.” At this point that seems like rookie numbers compared to the winter vortex of a week we just got past.

At this point in the year, we have definitely made it past the coldest part. But, compared to the previous record, this February will go down as one of the coldest ever recorded in Abilene. With the previous record of four days in the month not making it above freezing, the past two weeks have doubled that to eight consecutive days of below-freezing temperatures.

Even though we did not break the record for the lowest temperature, we definitely have seen the longest streak of cold weather ever in Abilene. Alas, everything has to come to an end. February was a bittersweet month for everyone who liked the feeling of Christmas weather again. For everyone hoping for warmer weather, TheWeatherChannel predicts an average temperature of 65 degrees for the rest of winter and into spring.


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