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Staff Spotlight: Rachel Dempsey By: Savannah Stutevoss

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Hardin-Simmons University offers amazing opportunities for students to work during their undergraduate years, and many continue to be employed by the university post-graduation.

For many students, passion for HSU and the community it offers makes working on campus a fitting choice. This is the case for Rachel Dempsey, who currently works in HSU Admissions.

Originally from Midland, Dempsey began her HSU journey in 2014 as a communications and business major with a leadership minor. Along with her studies, she began working as a tour guide in the welcome center, where she worked all four years of her undergraduate degree. She enjoyed working with her fellow peers and educating potential students about HSU. Dempsey was also involved in Alpha Iota Omega and enjoyed participating in the sisterhood. .

After graduation, a job for her open up in the Welcome Center as an Assistant Campus Coordinator for Group Visits. This position entailed her scheduling visits to HSU and working alongside guides and groups. “[This was] cool because I was a student and worked here and then got to be full time,” Dempsey said.

In February of this year, she received a new position as Coordinator for Alumni Engagement. She is happy because she,“only moved one office over” and gets to still spend time with the other tour guides and Welcome Center employees. Now, she helps plan events like the ring ceremony and other alumni events at homecoming. She also particularly enjoys planning alumni dinners, where alumni in every major city in Texas and Oklahoma get together and catch up. Despite still learning and adjusting to this new role, Dempsey is enjoying the work that she does. Included in my current job description and obligations is working with incoming students to alumni and encouraging students every step of the way,” Dempsey said.

Rachel is happily married and enjoys spending time working on her new house in Abilene outside of her job. She also enjoys hanging out with friends. A special thing for her has been her younger sister Lauren attending HSU. Dempsey did not expect her sister to follow in her footsteps, but this has given both of them a special bond and time to connect in a different way than when they were growing up. Lastly, Rachel has some encouraging words for students today.

“I would say to always be involved,” Dempsey said. “Your college years contain some of your most special times while being a part of something. A club, an organization, a job, these things are super special. These are the things that you remember the most after you graduate. Classes are important, but make sure to enjoy these times.”

We are so thankful for Rachel’s work and encouragement as a staff member, and are so grateful she chose to stay and work with the HSU family.


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