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Student Spotlight: Adrian Gonzales By: Marie Moreno

Adrian Gonzales from Arlington is a very active student on the Hardin-Simmons University campus and a great person to talk to if you ever need help or just want to chat. From being a student mentor to an HSU cheerleader, Gonzales is doing it all.

Gonzales has three on-campus jobs and several electives that take up a lot of his time. He works with the theater department as a co-director for theatre promotions, helping advertise shows and working with video editing, which is a passion of his. He is a first-year student mentor for freshman students, helping them out with their first semester of college, and a resident assistant in Nix Hall. Gonzales is also a member of the HSU cheer team. Earlier this year he volunteered to be a wrangler during Stampede as well. “You can’t make me pick [a favorite campus activity],” Gonzales said.

Gonzales enjoys different aspects of everything he does. Some of his roles help with creating community while others focus on things he enjoys doing. He also encourages other students to be active on campus. It helps serve the campus to become an active part of the HSU community,” Gonzales said.

Next year, Gonzales wants to be on the Stampede leadership team that plans and manages orientation week for incoming students.

Gonzales has plans to graduate as an English education major, and start teaching middle to high school students. After he starts teaching, he wants to be able to go back to college and get a master’s degree. What he will do with his master’s is still undetermined but up to God.

Adrian Gonzales is a great person, well-liked by his peers with many people always talking to him wherever he goes. Make sure to say hello to him if you see him around campus.


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