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the great candy corn debate By: Jia Spangler

Fall is finally back and Halloween is just around the corner which means candy corn is back on the shelves..

Despite the fact that this piece of candy is among one of autumn’s most popular treats, it is not considered a favorite by everyone. Candy corn has been around for many years.. It was created in the 1800s originally as a year-round treat called chicken feed. This name was used to appeal to agricultural and rural families. Its long time existence has allowed it to become an iconic treat, while at the same time, it has become a controversial topic among traditional Halloween candy connoisseurs.

So is candy corn good or is it not?

The taste and texture combination is unlike any other candy. Some people love it, and some people hate it. To solve this debate and come to a final conclusion, we asked Hardin-Simmons University students to see what they thought.

With 152 responses from HSU students, we found that only 17.8 percent of our sample said they liked candy corn, while 37.5 percent of our sample said they had to be in the mood for it. The remaining 44.7 percent of our sample said they absolutely did not like candy corn.

While this candy may always be a symbol for the fall season and Hallowween, its image might be more liked than the actual candy itself. Nevertheless we are ready to enjoy the fall season, with or without candy corn.


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