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The History Behind Anderson & Lange Hall By: Lauren Jackson

Through dedication and the desire for a better education, George S. Anderson and Blanche Lange were two of Hardin-Simmons University’s board of trustees members who were given the honor of having dormitories named for them. These dormitories are now known as Anderson Hall and Blanche Lange Hall.

Anderson was born in October of 1871 in Salado. In 1888, Anderson was hired as a printer’s apprentice. After three months on the job he later took over the typesetting and hand press responsibilities. This experience at the printer’s type case supplemented his unfinished education that led him to the career that would span more than seven decades.

From 1903 to 1964, Anderson became the longest termed trustee of 61 years at HSU. Serving both financially and with his time, the all-men’s dorm was named in honor of Anderson in 1957. According to Dr. W.T. Walton, vice president of Hardin-Simmons in 1964, “Mr. Anderson always considered the needs of the youth of the community and the needs of the sick more important than items of luxury for himself.” Anderson’s moral support in the affairs of the school and the community helped set an example of Christian stewardship at HSU. He is now honored in the HSU Hall of Leaders.

Lange was well known for her educational, church and civic work. Lange was the wife of Fred M. Lange, a man who devoted his life to raising money for welfare purposes and served as executive vice president of the Dallas Community Chest Fund. Due to “her interest in our young women,” Dr. Evan Allard, HSU’s president in 1961, named the newly decorated dormitory after the Dallas civic and church leader, Blanche Lange Hall..

Upon receiving the accolade, Lange expressed that “[she felt] that through [her] you honor all the dedicated women of the Southwest who labor in the interests of our youth. You honor the young women who will live in this dormitory and the families that will rear in the future. They will be the recipients of the rich religious spirit which pervades this campus.”

Both Lange and Anderson made a memorable impact in their respective communities and at Hardin-Simmons. Their names are now presented and honored by all students that live within those dorms each year.


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