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Tiffany Stotts: A Leader in Music at HSU By: Marissa Lacefield

Tiffany Stotts has been an inspirational member of Hardin-Simmons University faculty and staff team for several years now, and she has recently received the titles of director of Worship Leadership Program and full-time Instructor of Worship Leadership. Her story is compelling and honest, and her genuine love for the Lord has led many to become true leaders within HSU.

Stotts grew up in Midland, and moved to Abilene with her husband, Craig, because of his worship position at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church. After being called up randomly by HSU’s former worship instructor, Dr. Travis Craver, she joined the staff. One of her first titles on campus was associate director of Spiritual Formation for Worship. She says she worked closely with President Eric Bruntmyer but also began to pay more attention to the worship program to build what it has become today.

Stotts says that she encourages her students who join worship to not only worship wholeheartedly on stage in front of their peers but to live a “life of worship [that] bleeds into every part of our lives.” With consistent encouragement, she has promoted the growth of the worship program to more than 50 people wanting to be in a chapel rotation. Although this makes a busy stage on chapel mornings, it is inspiring to see so many students involved under her leadership.

Several of Stotts’s students have excelled in leadership. One of these leaders, Alex Govea, has been able to take initiative in leading chapel worship sets after just one year at HSU. Govea is a sophomore worship leadership major from Argyle. This leadership opportunity has furthered his knowledge of how to perform and get practical experience before he begins searching for a job beyond his college years.

The knowledge students gain within the Worship program will undoubtedly help them not only become the best in their field but also the best representatives of Jesus. Stotts’s leadership does not go unnoticed, and HSU is incredibly blessed to have her and her skill sets within the school of music and Spiritual Formation office.


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