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What's going on outside the Library? By: Noah Rubel

One thing that has become prevalent both in and around Abilene is new construction of which Hardin-Simmons University has its fair share.

From sectioned off sections on Ambler to the opposite side of the University you can always see some type of yellow tape. One prominent project is located where students walk by everyday, the front of Richardson Library.

If you are going to get coffee, going to study or need a quiet place to attend a class on zoom, you have to walk past the new construction on the east side of the library. You may have also noticed the freshly dug dirt and newly laid concrete walkways. These developments are taking place because a new addition to the library is coming soon.

Hardin-Simmons Student Government Association (SGA) is always asking students what they want to see changed on campus. In recent years, SGA has put in new stop signs, added vending machines to residences halls, put new water fountains in buildings and added more parking spots for students.

But, what is going on outside the library is one of the larger projects SGA has helped bring to fruition. In the spring semester of 2020 an HSU alumni and a former class president of SGA from Arlington, Texas, Aaron Hollabaugh, along with other senators presented a plan for Hardin-Simmons to add a brand new and larger outdoor area for students outside of the library.

The outdoor area will include a larger patio space, outdoor outlets to charge student devices and covered areas. All of these changes stemmed from student suggestions that were presented to SGA and eventually put into a plan of action. Through the tremendous amount of work from Hollabaugh and other members of SGA partnering with the University, the new outdoor area will surely be a new and welcomed hangout spot for all HSU students.

With the library’s central campus location, directly across from Anderson Lawn where numerous events are held every year, the new outdoor area is easily accessible to a large number of the student population. As of right now the only downside to this project is that it is not quite finished. Hopefully students, staff and faculty will soon be able to enjoy a new and improved, much-needed outside area for hanging out, having meetings and studying.


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