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World Vision Global 6k for Water By: Jonathan Lumpkin

Serving the underprivileged, loving others and fighting against social injustice is a part of what Christians are called to do (James 2:16). There are so many ways to carry this out, including the upcoming WorldVision Global 6k for Water on May 22 in Abilene.

WorldVision is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington state which decentrally hosts an annual 6 kilometer (3.7 miles) walk/run aimed at raising awareness and funds to alleviate the global water crisis in developing nations. The organization allows people to host their own local 6k walks or runs. This year Molly Gopffarth, a recent Hardin-Simmons University graduate from Greenfield, Ind., is hosting a 6k at Abilene Christian University’s Lunsford Trail.

“Many girls and women haul water an average of 6 kilometers per day, taking them out of school,” Gopffarth said. “In areas where WorldVision works, only half of healthcare facilities have water, and only 16 percent have basic hand washing facilities with soap and water.”

In order to register, you can go to ‘’, select ‘6k’, then search ‘Team Abilene’ and follow through with the rest of the prompts on the website. There are also virtual options for those that are unable to participate in person. The $50 registration fee is for the financial goal of the 6k. The one-time fee supplies one person with access to clean water for the rest of their life. You can also set fundraising goals by asking family or friends to sponsor you with any amount of money.

“When a community receives access to clean water, better health, education and economic opportunities flow as well. Children are protected from disease and infection, and families can grow crops year round,” Gopffarth said.

Americans take for granted such a fundamental aspect of society, and fail to recognize that access to clean water benefits so much more.

Lack of funds is an easy excuse, but if you tithe to your church, you can simply save your tithes and put that money towards this mission. The Lord will not be upset with you simply because you are not giving your tithe directly to the church. Or, say no to eating out or grabbing an extra coffee once a week in order to redirect these funds to such a worthy cause.

Followers of Christ, let us fulfill the conviction given to us in James 2:16 and give to those that need it. I hope to see you all there.

1 “If one of you says to [a brother or sister], ‘Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?”


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