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A Divine Kerfuffle By: Kaitlyn Beutel

On Oct. 6 through Oct. 8, the Hardin-Simmons University Department of Theatre produced a spectacular performance of “A Divine Kerfuffle.”

The play features a dramatic storyline set in 1894 featuring Sarah Bernhardt, a Victorian actress who was fighting for her stage presence, against a talented, young, rival actress. When Bernhardt got her hands on a fresh playwright, she was confident that her talent would lead her to the role and secure her spot in the acting industry, until her rival received a copy.

The play followed a captivating storyline as the actresses fought to get the role, and ultimately resulted in a sword fight between the two as they both desperately wanted to be the star. Ultimately, neither of them received the role. Instead, an actress that they did not know got the part. This play was a comedic piece that captivated the audience through drama, humor and a rich storyline that kept the audience entranced to the end.

The performance of “A Divine Kerfuffle” provided a unique experience for its audience as Hardin-Simmons was the first school outside of the playwright that was licensed to perform the play. The student actors here had the opportunity to pave the way in the portrayal of “A Divine Kerfuffle.”

Anthony DeLaGarza, a freshman musical theater major from Wichita Falls, played Cyril in the play. According to DeLaGarza, the play “was a farce, so it was very fast paced and the comedic timing was super important.”

“Personally I think it was unique because we actually got to work with the playwright,” DeLaGarza said. This provided a specialized experience for the theater students here at Hardin-Simmons that many actors can only imagine.

Overall, “A Divine Kerfuffle” was a must see, and if you missed it make sure you see the next HSU theater production.


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