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Acing This Semester - HSU Tennis By: Sydney Graff

This semester is serving up numerous opportunities to come together as a campus community, especially through supporting HSU sports.

The HSU tennis team has been working diligently in preparation for the spring season and they are eager to hit the courts. Shane Williford, HSU tennis coach,, gave his insights to what this semester will look like for the players.

Williford first dives into how he predicts the season will go.“The one thing we can control and always strive to be, is the most improved team in the conference from August to May,” Williford said. “We worked hard in the fall and the team put in an abundance of work on their own over the break. We believe that we out-work the rest, and thus our expectation is that both teams win a conference title this year.”

With hopes high concerning the success of the team, Williford also addresses how the team has been handling COVID-19 and will continue to do so during their spring season.

“We were very fortunate last semester to not have one positive test during the season,” Williford said. “We do this by following the rules HSU has set out for all of us and keeping our circles small during our competition season.”

Student support at the games is encouraged, especially since the team is starting the season off strong. “We love fans at all of our matches, and believe it’s worth while to come watch us,” Williford said. “We play hard, with energy, and give our fans something to cheer about. Hope to see lots of crazy fans there.”

The HSU tennis team has two big matches coming up in the near future. On Feb. 5 they will be playing against Trinity University and that next day, Feb. 6, the team will play against Dallas Baptist University. The competition is tough, but the Cowboys are prepared to ace them on the courts.


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