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An HSU Tradition: Ring By Spring By: Marlee Sorrells

Upon the spring of senior year, many students at Hardin-Simmons University will receive not one, but two rings. One to commemorate graduation and the hard work put into gaining a degree, and another for the hard work put into a relationship. It seems like every spring semester, especially from Valentine’s Day on, engagement rings are appearing on every woman’s left hand.

Several students have received their engagement rings during the spring semester. Paige Luney, a senior psychology major from Saginaw, got engaged on Feb. 11, to HSU alum, Alex Hudson.

“I love being engaged, even if balancing school, work and wedding planning is stressful sometimes,” Luney said. “Still, getting a senior ring is an awesome tradition. I had been looking forward to it since attending my now-fiancé’s ceremony last spring. Now, I wear my HSU ring with pride. It is a great thing to be a part of this family and I loved getting to celebrate all the other seniors at the ring ceremony.”

Avery Pardue, a junior Christian studies major from Lubbock, got engaged to Blake Ashford, resident director of the apartments, during Spring Break.

“I was so shocked when Blake proposed to me,” Pardue said. “I had known he was going to do it, but my sister really threw me off as to when. It is extremely exciting to be going into senior year with a husband at my side, supporting me while attending senior celebrations like the ring ceremony and graduation.”

Whether receiving one or two rings in the spring, it is a great time for every senior to celebrate friendships and relationships made and all the hours they put into receiving a well-deserved degree. Finals week may be hard, but there is a pay off at the end.


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