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April Fools By: Orel Rhodes

April Fools’ Day is a holiday that has been celebrated by many for centuries.

This is a day full of traditions that consist of pranks and jokes. The origin of this holiday is actually a mystery, but according to, historians believe that it could potentially date back to 1582. During this year, France switched their calendar to the Gregorian calendar. The calendar that they had previously used began the new year on April 1st. Their new calendar moved the start of the new year to Jan. 1, but many struggled to remember this transition. Many people still celebrated the new year on April 1, causing others to laugh at them and pull pranks. Therefore, this is where the tradition is believed to have begun.

Throughout the years there have been some great April Fools’ Day pranks that have fooled a great many people. One great prank that fooled many Americans in 1996 was when Taco Bell put out ads in newspapers across the nation informing that they had purchased the Liberty Bell as a way to help with the national debt. So many Americans fell for this ad that the National Park Service had to hold a press conference to inform Americans that this was in fact not true.

Another prank that a company pulled to get in on April1st fun was when Cottonelle announced in 2015 that they were coming out with left handed toilet paper. This one probably fooled less people than the Liberty Bell prank, but definitely was one that got many chuckles from all who saw it.

Whether you are going to be pulling pranks on your friends or trying not to get pranked, April Fools’ Day is a fun day. Hopefully your April 1st will be filled with fun lighthearted pranks and good-natured fun to make it an enjoyable holiday.


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