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Be Grateful for More Than Just Mama’s Cookin’ By: Gretchen Cobble

As I sit here on my twin bed, sweat dripping from my brow after climbing the stairs and seven dirty coffee mugs staring at me, I cannot help but miss a little more than just my mom’s cooking back home.

I miss our dishwasher. I miss our eligible-to-hold-more-than-one-dish sink. I miss our laundry room and how it only required a walk across the house rather than a planned trip over the hills and through the woods, down 12 flights of stairs leaving me soaked with sweat and in desperate need of a protein bar.

Speaking of protein bars, why does it always seem like my dorm food supply is gone in two days but at home the pantry is always full? My mini fridge is packed and organized to a science on Monday then bare as a bat’s cave on Wednesday. Maybe I just miss my dad’s unplanned trips to the grocery store. I miss my garbage disposal too -- that thing was like a third parent.

When I asked students around campus what they missed most about home, many of them mentioned their dogs or their mom. One student replied that they missed their walk-in closet the most. I wish I could relate. However, I miss my waffle maker more. On a more personal level, I have experienced many sleepless nights longing for my bedroom that has more than just one power outlet. The little faces the holes create when you stare at them long enough that your vision turns blurry are causing me to want to grab my car keys and head home this very moment.

Not only could I reunite with those power outlets, my waffle maker, my garbage disposal and my laundry room, but I could hand my seven (now eight) dirty mugs over to my caring, selfless dishwasher and let it take over.

Be grateful for more than just mama’s cooking, y’all. Those household objects hold a dear place in my heart and deserve their own 2006 photo album.

While I’m home, I guess it would not hurt to see my dogs as well -- and my mom.


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