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Breakfast Burritos at the Pod By: Megan Jewell

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day. At Hardin-Simmons University, many students enjoy beginning their day at the P.O.D. for breakfast burritos.

The HSU Brand staff decided to survey students here at the university to find out which type of breakfast burrito would win the award for student-favorite.

At the P.O.D., students can choose up to three ingredients to put in their burrito from the following: bacon, sausage, egg, potato, cheese and beans. It appears that the favorite type of burrito for students on campus is the bacon, egg and cheese burrito combination with over 40 percent of students voting in favor of this option. Receiving the second most votes was the bacon, egg and potato burrito, followed by the sausage, egg and cheese burrito in third place. It is clear that bacon and egg are the two most favorite ingredients in any burrito combination.

Freshman biology major Jordan Iverson from Houston shared her response to the poll and why she enjoys going to the P.O.D.. ‘’I absolutely love the breakfast burritos at the P.O.D.,” Iverson said. “My favorite is definitely the bacon, egg and cheese burrito. The staff at the Pod is friendly, and I love how Harry always asks me about softball and how much weight I’ve been lifting in the weight room.”

‘’The best part of the pod is Harry,’’ shared Kylie Ruiz, a sophomore nursing major from Harlingen.

‘’I like my burrito with beans and cheese. I love that the staff is very friendly to me, and they make a note to say hello, ask how I’m doing and they even remember my order, ” Mari Lacefield, a freshman music education major from Argile, said.

Whether for visiting with Harry and the staff or enjoying a delicious breakfast burrito, the P.O.D. is a great place for students to eat breakfast and start their morning on a positive note.


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