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BSM Abide Prayer Retreat Recap By: Marlee Sorrells

TXBSM, a partner with the Texas Baptists Organization, hosted the “Abide” prayer retreat held on Jan. 27 and 28. During this retreat, Approximately 1,100 students get to encounter the Lord in prayer and worship God through time in the Word and music each year.

“My favorite part about the prayer retreat was the ability to worship God with fellow believers,” Elijah Arias, a junior accounting and economics major from San Angelo, said. “So often I can become fixated on how small my Christian college bubble is that I lose the overall picture of what Jesus is doing across our generation. Being with friends that I have crossed paths with before and new friends that are yearning to know more about God, I felt like the community at Abide was beautiful and was a glimpse of Heaven.”

Students were able to participate in prayer stations, where they pray over different aspects of ministry together. “I really enjoyed the prayer stations at Abide,” Arias said. “This year, I was able to design a station with some friends about praying for the nations. We had the opportunity to pray for missionaries who are doing Gospel work in Southeast Asia, Mexico and Eastern Europe. God was certainly moving through this retreat as they prayed over their personal lives and over the mission of Jesus Christ as a whole.”

Students can learn how to get involved in Baptist Student Ministries (BSM) by following @hsubsm on Instagram or going to the Connally Missions Center. This semester, they are hosting discipleship groups and a new event two Thursdays a month called “Front Door” that offers chapel credit.

“I would definitely suggest that students check out BSM here at Hardin-Simmons,” Arias said. “I have made so many fun friends at BSM, and have definitely deepened my faith. We would love for you to join BSM or just come check us out and get a bigger glimpse of all that Jesus is doing at HSU and beyond.”


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