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Christmas Movie Poll By: Jia Spangler

As the holiday season is approaching, Christmas movies are back on people’s television screens. For some families, watching Christmas movies is a beloved tradition during this time of year. With so many iconic Christmas movies, most people have one that stands out as a favorite, so we decided to take two polls on Christmas movies.

The first was to see which Christmas movie people liked the most. It was found that 32 percent said It’s a Wonderful Life was their favorite Christmas movie, followed by A Christmas Story at 18 percent, Miracle on 34th Street at 15 percent, The Polar Express at 10 percent, Home Alone at 9 percent, Elf at 6 percent and 10 percent of the respondents said another movie not listed.

It is interesting to see that The Polar Express, Home Alone and Elf were not in people’s top picks and are the newest movies among the six choices presented. According to this poll, people seem to like the older classics best.

We also decided to take one more poll to see if people think the movie Die Hard is a Christmas movie. The results showed that 43 percent said yes, 46 percent said no while 11 percent have not seen Die Hard.

Even with various opinions, Christmas movies are a great way to welcome and celebrate the holiday season with both friends and family.


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