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Covid-19 Campus Update

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

By: Gretchen Cobble

Here we are reading another COVID-related update as we enter the eighth month of the virus outbreak in the United States, as well as in Texas – the second leading state of coronavirus cases. As of Oct. 8, there are 38 active confirmed positive HSU-related cases of COVID-19 and dozens more of students and faculty in quarantine.

“It’s actually surprised me that the number is not higher. I was expecting more by this point because some people have not been wearing their masks. This is especially true at sporting/intramural and social club events,” said Calynne Cordes, a sophomore at HSU.

With classes and campus events still continuing to take place, HSU administration, faculty and staff are stressing the importance of wearing your mask, social distancing and washing your hands now more than ever.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) spoke about the increased likelihood of spreading the virus through airborne transmission without proper distancing and ventilation. Wearing masks and social distancing are crucial in all public places or when around other people, even in private. “I contracted COVID this past summer at camp and I know how awful it can be for people,” Cordes said.

As Fall Break approached (Oct. 16-18), Hardin-Simmons was depending on its student body more than ever to take precautions as many leave campus for a fun, relaxing three-day weekend with friends and family.

If you begin showing symptoms and/or test positive for COVID, immediately contact Stacy Martin or Holly Edwards at

“Do not attend class until you have been contacted by a member of the COVID team to discuss next steps. Stay in your room or at your home. Notify your faculty that you will need to utilize remote learning until you are given further instructions from the COVID team. HSU is Better Together when we are all doing our part,” Stacy Martin wrote.

Likewise, if you have been notified of potential exposure due to close contact, do not attend class in person nor should you leave your room or home. If quarantine or isolation is required, the COVID team will notify all faculty that you need to utilize remote learning until further notice.

“I think I speak for just about everyone when I say how blessed we are to still be on campus even in the midst of a pandemic.. I just really hope it stays that way,” Cordes said. Hardin Simmons administration, faculty and staff are praying for a safe, healthy finish for the semester.

Have fun, be safe, wash your hands, and wear your mask!


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