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Dog or Cat Person? By: Alex Guillory

Most everyone I meet knows where they stand in terms of the age-old question: dogs or cats?

They either say, "Oh, I am definitely a dog person, cats are evil" or, "I'm a cat person because they're so independent," or something along those lines. People have formed concrete opinions on these two very common domesticated house pets, yet I cannot seem to figure out where I stand. To help myself out, I will plead both cases.

In the case of dogs, I think that dogs are more accessible in comparison to their opponent. Dogs are more likely to adapt to their owner's lifestyle and are more eager to please. They also come in a wider variety of sizes. Dogs can range from two pounds to 200 pounds. This size variability makes them more appealing to a broader range of prospective owners. Their best quality is that they are a man's best friend. They will stand by their families until the very end. For example, in 2015, Sissy, a miniature schnauzer, escaped her home in Iowa and walked almost 20 blocks to the hospital where her owner was recovering from surgery (Durando, 2015). Dogs are accessible, lovable and will do anything to show their love for their owners.

Cats have an equal amount of positive qualities, but they are notably different from their K-9 counterparts. Domesticated felines are the more independent of the two competitors. They are much more likely to make their owners adapt to their lifestyle and how they want to live their 10-15 years of life. Cats tell you when they are to eat, play and receive and give love. They have less variability in their sizes, only ranging from three to 30 pounds, making them more appealing to owners who need a smaller house pet. I think a cat's best quality is when they choose to show their love; I know that it is meaningful. Since cats do not constantly want to please their owners and show their love, it makes it so much more special when they show physical affection to their owners because it can be assumed that it is genuine.

After exploring both options, I have learned that I am a dog person at this point in my life. I love cats and what they have to offer, but as a college student, I need the constant love and attention that a dog is more likely to provide. I plan to have multiple cats and dogs in the future, but right now, I have to say I side with the canines.

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