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Fall Sweets and Treats By: Kaitlyn Beutel

The first of September is the start of all things fall: cozy fall sweaters, exciting and colorful pumpkin patches, bumpy hay rides and, most importantly, fall snacks and treats filled with pumpkin spice and caramel goodness.

Now well into September, the Brand staff decided to survey students here at the University to find out their favorite fall treats. Students were given a choice between pumpkin bread, candy corn, caramel apples, apple pie and “other.”

The results were quite interesting. Forty-six percent of respondents chose pumpkin bread, while the rest of the results were divided almost evenly. Candy corn and caramel apples were both even at 16 percent each, while 14 percent chose apple pie and 10 percent chose “other.” Sophomore accounting and economics double major Elijah Arias from San Angelo shared more information about his response to the poll.

“I chose apple pie because it is delicious and homey,” Arias said. “I love saving up and picking apples from the tree with my family, and then baking such a good treat.” While Elijah’s vote was in one of the smaller categories, Emily Williamson’s vote fell into the majority category. Williamson is a senior criminal justice major from Amarillo.

“My vote went to pumpkin bread because it’s a treat that my mom makes every year when I come home for fall break,” Williamson said. “Not only is pumpkin bread delicious, but it reminds me of home. Plus, eating pumpkin bread for breakfast can feel like eating cake for breakfast, and who doesn’t love cake for breakfast?”

It appears that, overall, Hardin-Simmons students prefer a pumpkin-flavored treat over an apple-flavored treat. Additionally, it appears that classic fall treats such as candy corn and caramel apples count for only about one-third of the respondent's favorite treats. No matter what your favorite is, we are officially entering the season for all fall sweets and treats.


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