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Favorite Thanksgiving Foods By: Kaitlyn Beutel

At the end of November the weather turns cold, fireplaces crackle and many people gather together with friends and family to celebrate favorite traditions on Thanksgiving.

Many families spend the day playing or watching football games, running in turkey trots, watching parades and of course, eating all of the delicious Thanksgiving foods. With so many yummy food options, the staff at The Brand decided to survey students here at the University to see what their favorite Thanksgiving food might be..

Students were given the options of turkey, ham, stuffing, rolls, sweet potatoes, pie, or other, and the results were quite divided. While Thanksgiving seems to be centered on the turkey, only 7 percent of students chose that as their favorite Thanksgiving food, while 16 percent of the students chose ham. The sweet potatoes were not the most popular either as only 10 percent of students picked them. However, stuffing was the least favorite as no students picked it. Pie, rolls and “other” were all pretty close as 19 percent of the students chose pie, 23 percent chose other and 26 percent chose rolls as their favorite.

“I just really like pie,” Emma Owens, a freshman biology major from Austin, said. “It’s also a tradition in my family for everyone to make a pie. Pumpkin pie is the best.”

“My favorite food choice is sweet potatoes with marshmallows because it is really enjoyable to make and it’s the only dessert that is unique to Thanksgiving,” Meagan Gallagher, a junior nursing major from Frisco, said. “It reminds me of fall.”

“I love apple pie,” Elijah Arias, a junior accounting and economics major from San Angelo, said. “I especially love whenever apple pie is warmed in the oven with a little bit of ice cream on top. When it’s cold outside, the scent of apple pie is always so soothing and I love the warmth in my stomach.”

Whatever your favorite Thanksgiving food is, I hope that this Thanksgiving not only fills your stomach, but also your heart as you celebrate with friends and family.


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