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Galentines vs. Valentines by: Delani Bauer

As the campus fills with the color pink, we are all reminded that Valentine's Day is approaching.  Many people love Valentine’s Day and use it as a time to celebrate their beloved partner.  It is also a great reminder that love surrounds us everywhere, and of course, there are lots of chocolates and flowers.  

Couples spend months searching for the perfect gift for their partner, or at least the girls do.  Many boys turn to last-ditch shopping trips in an attempt to find something their girlfriend will like.  One Valentine’s Day, I was given three green necklaces.  My birthstone is not even an emerald, and I do not wear green.  I think that I spent more time questioning this gift than it took for him to pick it out.

Of course, Valentine's Day is about appreciating the people around you and not the gifts that you receive.  It is important to remember to love one another and be thankful for the wonderful people that surround you.

Many singles are left with the dreadful reminder that they are, in fact, single.   This is when Galenstines comes in. On Feb. 13, Galentines is celebrated by girls as a way to show love to each other.  You do not need a boy to feel loved on Valentine's Day.  That is what your friends are for.

Whether you are single, taken, or it is complicated, you can still partake in Galentine's Day.  It is the perfect time to get all of your friends together and wear all pink.  Your friend group could watch a movie, bake cupcakes, have a photoshoot and so much more.  No matter how you spend your day, it is about empowering one another.

This year, Sabers is hosting a Galentine’s Day Party on Feb. 9 at 5 p.m. in the Johnson Building. Spread the love to your friends and invite them for a fun night of community.

You do not need to be in a relationship to have a great Valentine’s Day.  No matter who you celebrate with or where you are, it will still be a special day.  Fill the day with chocolate, fun, and, of course, pink.


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