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Getting Creative with the Crafts and Laughs Club By: Megan Jewell

Hardin-Simmons University is an excellent place with diverse groups of people and interests. Whether that be through sports or clubs, there is always a place for everyone to express themselves.

While it is late in the semester, new clubs are still being formed. One of these new clubs is called Crafts and Laughs. Madison Lewis, a senior strategic communication and Christian studies major from Goldthwaite, shared how her club, Crafts and Laughs, began.

“The idea for a crafts club started after Mary Santos brought her crochet project to an abnormal psychology class last semester,” Lewis said. Santos is a sophomore studio arts major from Arlington.

Lewis, along with two other soon-to-be club founders who sat next to each other, took notice because they also crocheted. These future founders included Briana Martinez, a sophomore psychology major from League City, and Sierra Holcomb, a senior human services administration major from Buffalo Gap.

“When class got out early, all of us started brainstorming ideas for making a craft-oriented club. We went to Moody rooftop and began planning,” Lewis said.

After brainstorming, they decided on forming their craft club where everyone could have fun forming friendships and creating crafts, as well as lasting memories. “We came up with the name because we wanted the club to be about all kinds of crafts and be a place where people can laugh and connect,” Lewis said.

Crafts and Laughs is a great club to join for those looking to express themselves creatively, make new friends, and learn more about crafting while making fun memories and having lots of laughter. To join the Crafts and Laughs club, direct message @crafts_and_laughs_hsu on Instagram so that they can add you to their GroupMe where you will find out more details and information about participating in the new club.


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