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With spring just around the corner, the Hardin-Simmons University golf teams have already competed in a tournament on Feb. 27 and 28 in Houston.

“I see this season as an opportunity for us to build on what we have worked on and developed in the fall,” Assistant HSU Golf Coach Jordan Burchette said. “I think we will see improvement in this spring season from the fall.”

The men’s team will compete in Houston, Shreveport, Georgetown, Brownwood and Alexandria this season. The women will compete in Houston, Kerrville, Shreveport, Georgetown and Granbury.

“We have a very young team on the women’s side with only freshmen and sophomores,” Burchette said. “They have a lot of potential to compete at a high level in our conference. We have a large men’s team with 12 guys who are talented and fairly young. Overall, both teams are young and talented.”

The teams prepare for their tournaments in a number of different ways. They qualify for every tournament, which means each athlete must compete against fellow teammates in order to earn a spot in the tournament. They visit the Hale Short Game center on campus in order to work on their golf swings. They perfect these swings through various drills and repetition. They also play and work on certain game time scenarios to help them with their skills.

There are multiple standout players on both the women’s and men’s teams. Allsion McGinnis, criminal justice major from Rancho Viejo) is a freshman shooting a career low of 79 at a difficult course in the fall. Alexi Buff, economics and finance major from Abilene, is a passionate player who had a few rounds in the 70s and is on the path to have many more. Junior Anthony Browning (economics major from Abilene) is described as a consistent player who is the backbone of the team. Luke Jun, a sophomore business major from Dallas, is very meticulous about his game and has a below par round of 69 this past fall, which is his career low.

This is a great year to pay attention to the HSU golf team and watch their success unfold.


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