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Happy Birthday, Gilbert & The History of the Beloved Goose By: Gretchen Lumpkin

Hardin-Simmons University’s famous and lovable goose has a birthday coming up, whether he knows it or not, and this year Student Life is prepared to go all out. As things return to normal on campus after the past few years, Gilbert the goose will receive a birthday bash above and beyond those of previous years.

Gilbert first made his appearance at HSU in 2013 when a few students, playing a prank on their friend, “goose-napped” him from Nelson Pond and brought him to the third floor of Nix Hall on campus. The students hid Gilbert in their dorm bathroom until he was later discovered and carried out by the campus police. He was then relocated to the pond in the center of campus and has stuck around and been a part of the HSU family ever since. Below is a file photograph of the memorable night Gilbert was “arrested'' and carried out of Nix Hall by local law enforcement..

In 2015, Gilbert’s Coffee Shop in the Richardson Library was officially named and opened after the lovely goose.

At one point during Gilbert’s recent address-change, students of McMurry took their turn at “goose-napping” Gilbert and brought him onto the McMurry campus. This cross-town prank quickly came to an end when some HSU students (and Gilbert’s biggest fans) came to the rescue and brought him home.

Needless to say, Gilbert holds a special place in all of our hearts and just like for anyone else we love, we will celebrate his birthday and longevity..

This year the annual celebration will take place on Friday, May 6, 2022, hosted by SABERS. Gilbert’s Birthday Bash will include dunk tanks, inflatables, Dad’s Ice Cream, a burger bar and performances by Rightfield. This is a bash for a famous goose you do not want to miss. Follow SABERS on Instagram at @hsu_sabers for further details.


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