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Health and Wellness Fair Recap By: Kaitlyn Beutel

On March 12, Hardin-Simmons University hosted a Health and Wellness Fair that showcased various businesses and booths related to physical, mental and spiritual health


This provided a fun way to get students involved in local places and resources located in the community that benefit health. The different vendors were giving away various exciting items and merchandise, and there was even a big giveaway at the end of the event that encouraged the students to interact and get involved during the event.

Emma Owens, a freshman biology major from Austin, attended the event. According to Owens, “It was really cool. There were a bunch of different vendors. There were bunnies and even a massage chair. Also a bunch of free stuff which is always a plus. Aside from the fun stuff there were also some booths there to offer some volunteer opportunities.”

“Most of the booths were giving away free things like water bottles, key chains, granola bars, bags and candy,” Beasley Floyd, a freshman business major from Phoenix, Ariz., said. “There was a booth for BSM where you could take a test to determine your spiritual health. There was another booth that was doing this massage thing, which was basically a mat that you put on top of yourself and it relieves your muscles. There was a booth where they were just giving out free slime and strew balls. Unfortunately, I had to leave before they started the giveaways, but they were handing out air pods, a massage gun, a gym bag and pre-workout.”

Overall, the Health and Wellness fair was a fun event that provided a way for students here at the University to get involved in health-related issues and motivate them to be mindful of all the aspects of their health. From the various booths, volunteer opportunities and exciting giveaways, the fair was a fun way to get students motivated to take action about their health.


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