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Hidden Gems of Abilene by: Abbey Pardue

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

With midterms and the end of the school year sneaking up on students, I thought it would be nice to share some places that fellow classmates enjoy visiting in order to study or even take brain breaks.

Being a college student away from home comes with many challenges. Specifically, feeling like your college town is only a temporary home can be very discouraging. Because of this, I have asked Hardin-Simmons University students to tell us some of their personal favorite places to visit in Abilene.

Lydia Jackson, a freshman nursing major from Pleasanton, said she enjoys visiting the lawn behind Summer Moon Coffee Shop, because “it’s so quiet and peaceful, they have the best spinny chairs, and I normally go there to hang out with friends.”

Senior Beth Ferguson, a senior social work major from Spur, says she enjoys throwing axes at Abilene Axe Company. “It’s in this sort of hidden area which is cool, and it’s a really fun thing to do,” Ferguson said. “I think all students could use an axe throwing session to get rid of stress.”

The Local, Twisted Root, and Armando’s are two examples of Jake Atherton’s favorite places to eat. Atherton, a freshman economics major from McKinney, also enjoys hanging out by the park and boat ramp near the lake on the north side of town. “These are the best places to eat and the lake spot is nice to chill and take in some scenery,” said Atherton.

Avery Pardue, junior Christian studies major from Lubbock, enjoys the outdoor seating area by Monk’s coffee shop. She is also a fan of the scenery behind Summer Moon Coffee Shop.

University Events Coordinator, Cassie Mattern, said, “Under One Roof is a store downtown that has everything you could ever want under one roof.” Furthermore, she said Los Carnales, a Mexican restaurant on North First, has the best queso.

Sarah Harbison, a sophomore social work major from Shallowater, said Seven and One is one of her favorite gems because it has a cozy atmosphere and is a nice change from chain bookstores.


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