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HSSM Research Society Meeting Recap By: Kaitlyn Beutel

On Oct. 27, the Holland School of Sciences and Mathematics (HSSM) Research society held a meeting where Dr. Jackson, the Dean of the Holland School of Science and Mathematics, spoke over additive manufacturing of metals and described the work of his own research.

Throughout the meeting, Dr. Jackson presented various metal objects that had been 3D printed, and he explained the complexity of the print process that takes place in the lab. Currently, Dr. Jackson is working on coming to a better understanding within the printing process and discovering why there are faults that occur mid-print. More specifically, there have been differences in the temperature of the prints that have been given the same printing parameters, so he is in the process of figuring out the causes of those faults.

Rachael Muchero, a senior biology major from Zimbabwe, is the president of the HSSM Research Society. According to Muchero, “HSSM is a research based club so most people think it’s just for science people, but the thing is, science is so broad.”

According to Muchero, the club is not limited to science majors specifically. “Accounting majors can do some research, business majors, economy, psychology and even ministry majors — can participate in research,” Muchero said. “[They’re] not just limited to scientific research. At the end of the day the goal is to learn what research is, how it is done and how to go about it.”

The club typically meets on the last Thursday of each month in the Holland Health Sciences Building where different guests present over various topics. Additionally, the HSSM Research Society will be having a symposium in the spring where students from various schools will have the opportunity to present things that they have researched and discovered. You do not want to miss out on this exciting opportunity to get involved in the Research Society here on campus, as it can teach you skills that will follow with you no matter what career field you choose.


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