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HSU 2021 Ring Traditions By: Annabelle Smallwood

It will not take long after stepping onto the Hardin-Simmons University campus to realize how important traditions herel. Keeping our traditions allows us to remember the great history of our institution and take pride in our past.

Because of the COVID outbreak, many were worried about the ability to maintain these traditions. In fact, many of our traditions had to be altered in order to keep students safe. However, we are finally able to hold our HSU ring traditions on campus -- the first one being the Sophomore Ring Dunk.

Following tradition at HSU, sophomore students retrieve their class ring key chains from tubs of purple and “look forward to their senior year when they will receive their Official HSU ring,” according to HSU's social media page.

This year, the Sophomore Ring Dunk was held on April 8 in front of Lange Hall. At this event, there was Chick-fil-A, an inflatable slide and music.

“It was nice having an event on campus where we could all be together and celebrate our second year on campus,” said Chloe Rivera, a second year junior from Odessa majoring in business management and economics. “Because of COVID, it’s been hard not being able to have events like this. Today made me feel like things are improving.”

Later on in this day, seniors had their ring ceremony, where they received their official ring. Our website states the following about the ring: “The official ring is a reminder of HSU’s noteworthy history and the significant accomplishments of HSU students and alumni. Graduates who purchase an official ring are making a lifelong investment because this ring also serves as a visual connection with alumni and future graduates.”

This official ring represents each graduate’s accomplishments by graduating from HSU, and it also symbolizes the traditions and great history of our school. The wearing of this ring signifies you are among the 35 percent of Americans who have earned a college degree according to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2019. The wearing of your HSU ring indicates an important accomplishment in your life, so wear it with pride. You have earned the right to do so.

“The ring ceremony isn’t just a tradition,” says Julianne House, a senior from Abilene, majoring in communications sciences and disorders. “It’s a time where I was honored, celebrated, and encouraged as I set off into the world at large. I love HSU and how from every moment from beanie capping to ring ceremony I have felt loved by this University.”

This ceremony, held in Behren’s Auditorium, honored each graduate specifically. Every student had their name called, and they walked across the stage to receive their ring and even ring the bell at the end of the stage. Celebration and excitement filled the auditorium, as friends and family cheered on the graduates. Traditions at HSU will always hold a special place in our hearts.


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